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The Art of Twentieth-Century Zen: Paintings and Calligraphy by Japanese

Price: $65.00 - $57.96

     This is the first book of its kind devoted to Zen art as a living tradition – published in conjunction with a touring exhibit of twentieth-century Zen art that will be on display at the Los Angeles County Museum, the University of Richmond, Virginia, and other locations.


     Zen art has long been acknowledged as a priceless legacy of Japanese culture. Zen teachers believe that visual art, such as painting, calligraphy, and ceramics, can reveal Zen mind more directly than can words alone. While previous books have focused on works from earlier centuries, The Art of Twentieth-Century Zen explores the heart of the Zen cultural experience with contemporary Zen art, demonstrating how this time-honored visual form continues to flourish today. Through their personal, dramatic, and often humorous brushwork, the great Zen masters of our own century have continued to create striking new expressions of their own Zen insight.Used Book in Good Condition

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