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DENER Noise Cancelling Headphones Ear Protection Ear Muffs for Shooting Hunting Sleeping Studying Working Construction, Suitable for Kids (PINK)

Price: $11.99


Children have a very sensitive sense of hearing. This earmuffs is designed to cover a kid’s ears for hearing protection during sleeping or when you take your kid to watch a sport game.

It consists of a head-band that fits over the top of the head, and a cup at each end, to cover the external ears.

Earmuffs could protect kids from extreme noises.

The protection comes from acoustic foam which absorbs sound waves and reduces the amplitude of the waves.


This earmuffs is made from high quality ABS and foam and it is comfortable to wear.

The head-band of earmuffs is foldable so you can keep earmuffs in your bag for convenient storage.

There are two colors of cup for these earmuffs and you can choose the color your kid likes more.

The material and design of the earmuff allows for a reasonable attenuation of roughly 25dB NRR.

Use hearing protectors when your kid is exposed to noise that is too loud or lasts too long.


Material: ABS, foam

Unfold Height: 22cm / 8.66″

Fold Height: 12cm / 4.72″

Cup Color: Blue, Pink,Green(Optional)

Suitable Age: 3 to 12

SNR: 21

NRR: 25dB

Quantity: 1

Package Includes:

1 x EarmuffsSOUND REDUCTION – Noise Reduction Rating(NRR) 22dB of ear defenders, keeping your toddler safe from hearing loss. Certified by the American National Standards Institute for ear protection.
LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE and COMFORTABLE – High quality soft padded headband and muff caps apply a comfort and snug fit with enhanced sound reduction. High sealing solid cup made of ABS material, excellent in impact heat, low temperature and chemical resistance.
ADJUSTABLE and FOLD-ABLE – Adjusted to fit each head size by lifting the black hinges up and down on the sides. Actually fit without giving you a headache or other excess pressure. Fold-able style for easy storage and carry. (PLEASE REFER TO PICTURES FOR HOW TO ADJUST THE EARMUFF)
USE IN VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS – The baby ear protection earmuff is great for airports, sporting events, fireworks shows, concerts, car racing, band practice, shooting range, garden mowing or grinders in keeping the baby from loud injurious sound.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – If you’re not happy with our products in any way, just let us know and we will completely refund your purchase.

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