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Alpha 1 Pro , Humanoid Robot

Price: $499.98

DECOUVREZ Alpha 1 Pro Humanoide Robot   Programmable, Educational, Entertaining Alpha 1 Pro is a household programmable humanoid robot that can be used for education and entertainment. Its perfectly designed, high-precision servo joints. 3D visual programming software and PRP (Pose, Record & Playback) function are seamlessly controlled in one App.   PRP (pose, record, playback) The PRP function of the Alpha 1 Pro allows anyone to easy create custom actions with their robot including dance moves and syncing to music! You can choreograph your own dance to your own music tracks that easily sync with the Alpha 1 Pro App. Awesome Robotic Actions Easy to use App Play with Friends Award Winning Robotics & AI Company UBTECH Robotics produces the highest quality robotics in education, entertainment, and artificial intelligence.Can walk upright like a human with its artificial Intelligence. Able to sing, dance, play Koungfu, play soccer and tell a story. Able to be controlled by smartphone or tablet. 3D visual programming

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